Victory Baptist Academy is a Christ-serving K-12 private Christian school. We offer a rigorous and complete education that exceeds state standards and prepares our children for academic excellence. More importantly, we foster a Christ-loving, Christ-serving, and Christ-centered education that helps our young people grow in their walk with the Lord and prepares them for a life of serving Him. Victory Baptist Academy utilizes Abeka curriculum through Pensacola Christian College and ensures that our young people grow in both academically and spiritually.
The Bible stands as Victory Baptist Academy's final authority and it is not only taught, but God's Word is integrated into all subject matter, thus creating a well-rounded and complete student prepared to continue in following a Christ-led life. Victory Baptist Academy provides a sound education, safe and appropriate activities and field trips, growth in personal wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, which fosters a strong foundation based on biblical values, and the desire to serve not only the Lord, but also to serve others in a world where that is becoming increasingly rare. Victory Baptist Academy desires to send out into the world bright lights that will so shine before this world.